Tuesday, October 21, 2008

They call it kloofing

Today Maya and I went canyoning in the morning (called kloofing in SA) and then caving in the evening. Both were rad! The canyoning was in the Mac Mac River and was basically hiking down a riverbed in a wetsuit and helmet... There were times when we had to jump off cliffs into the river, or swim thru pools, or slide down tree trunks, or swing on vines. We also explored two amazing waterfalls and went behind them both. The water was freezing but the environment was lush mossy jungle... Just what we needed!
In the afternoon we stopped by another backpacker's place and met the owner, who was really friendly and immediately welcomed us to enjoy his trees. At 6pm we went night-caving, which was a little scary but very fun. Climbing through tiny openings, getting smeared in mud, and even blowing out our candles to just sit quietly and listen to the bats swooshing past our heads... After leaving the caves we went to a very tall waterfall and just looked and listened to it in the dark.... Very peaceful.

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Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for months with equal parts admiration and jealousy during your amazing journeys! I am a college friend of Maya's and am so glad you have had each other for support and companionship during these months- I know what an amazing person she is and how whatever you do is 100% more fun with Maya involved :) I hope you have a safe journey home and wish you the best of luck going back to TZ next year. If Maya could share her plans for her homecoming, that'd be awesome- but please give her my best wishes and tell her I miss her and can't wait to see her back home!
alexis vecchio